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Posted by Tesha Reddy on July 12, 2019

Memes are ideas, behaviours, or style that disperse from one person to the next within an civilization. Even a me-me acts as a unit for carrying cultural thoughts, symbols, or clinics, which can be transmitted via one brain to the other through creating, language, gestures, rituals, along with other imitable phenomena having a mimicked theme. Due to this theory esteem memes as cultural analogues to enzymes inside that they self-replicate, mutate, and react to both selective pressures.

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Kek Meme: Know Your MemeKek Meme: HOPE Not Hate Explains… The Cult Of KekKek Meme: [Image - 873616]Kek Meme: Resisting Hate

Kek Meme. Meme Status Confirmed Year 2015 Origin 4chan Tags religion, egypt, meme magic, 4chan, pepe the frog, kuk, praise kek, religion of peace, cult, kek, river_of_karma, ganzorf, alexmikli Additional References Encyclopedia Dramatica Facebook Urban Dictionary Wikipedia About. The Cult of Kek, also known as the Church of Kek, is a satirical religion based around the worship of the ancient Egyptian Know Your Meme. Kek or Cringe refers to a series of ironic memes in which various fictional characters host a show called "Kek or Cringe" where they rate memes as "kek" or "cringe". The format originated on iFunny in March 2019 and was later spread by ironic meme pages on Twitter, Instagram and Reddit. The Best Kek Memes :) Memedroid. See, rate and share the best Kek memes, gifs and funny pics. Memedroid: your daily dose of fun!

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Kek Meme: Top Kek By VictrollKek Meme: Kek Memes. Best Collection Of Funny Kek PicturesKek Meme: Meme By Lekky :) MemedroidKek Meme: Meme By Rafaua :) Memedroid

Kek Meme The Kek: Explaining The Alt-Right 'Deity' Behind. Who, or what, is Kek? A typical 'Kek' meme combining Donald Trump and Pepe the Frog. You may have seen the name bandied about on social media, especially in political circles where alt-right activists and avid Donald Trump supporters lurk. The Truth About Pepe The Frog And The Cult Of Kek. Remember how we learned that “kek” the meme came about from an obscure Korean language onomatopoeia, completely independently from Pepe the Frog? Well, it turns out Kek is also—and always has been—an ancient Egyptian deity… A frog-headed one. Quite the coincidence, wouldn’t you say? “A little,” perhaps you reply.

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